SpidermanGeek at C2E2 2012. Photo Courtesy of Star Blaze

About Me

Hi there!

In case you’re lost, you’ve stumbled upon the “About Me” section of the website. Social etiquette would determine that I should use this place to write a little about myself… so here goes.

I’m a mid to late thirties Canadian man, husband, brother and uncle. I’m what most would describe as being a pretty laid back and sometimes witty guy. There is nothing truly exceptional about my personal life. I schlep myself to a typical white collar nine-to-fiver, five days a week. I own a modest home with my loving wife of 5 years in Orléans, Ontario which is just outside of the East end of Ottawa. I’m into cars, movies & video games, but my defining hobby is Comic Books and more specifically Spider-Man. I read more than just Spider-Man comics of course, but I do favour anything and everything involving the masked wall-crawler.

When I’m not going about my daily routine, I’m co-contributing to comic book and product reviews for ComicAttack.Net. You can find me there by downloading and listening to the Tales From the Water Cooler weekly podcast, and/or checking out the newest X-Men titles reviewed in the All-New Uncanny X-Piles weekly column.

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Oh.. you’re still here? Ok, well if you’ve made it this far it’s safe to assume that you somewhat have a mild interest in me and my site (or is it my site and I?). Let’s delve deeper into the rabbit hole and see how far this thing goes.

February. 1978. It’s another cold Canadian night in the Ottawa-Outaouais valley. A young man and his bride-to-be are grooving to Stayin’ Alive, the latest hit song by the Bee Gees. That sweet disco sound takes over as their hips start bopping in unison….

HOLD UP! I think we went a little too far back.. let’s fast forward by at least 9 months.

… the baby boy belts a screeching cry as he is greeted for the first time by the attentive human hands of the doctor.

THAT’S better!

From that point on my childhood would be what most would categorize as normal. My parents divorced when I was about three, but remained amicable and to this day I still have a great relationship with both of my biological parents. Apart from that, we were your typical lower middle class family. My older brother and I didn’t have all the latest and most expensive toys that little Billy next door had, but we were never left wanting. I grew up in the country, so there was always plenty to do outdoors and having a brother that is so close in age (we’re less than two years apart) meant that our interests and experiences tended to match up pretty closely.

Detective_Comics_529It wouldn’t be until I was about 5 years old that I would first be introduced to the wonderful new experience that could only be found in a comic book. That was when I saw my mother purchase a comic book for my brother on one of our regular trips to the corner store . The cover to Detective Comics #529 had totally captured his imagination (and mine!).  He/we just had to have it.  I say “we”, but of course it was my brother’s comic book. Although, it only took a quick pouty faced glance for my mom to bark the old “…and be sure to share with your brother!”. At that age, I couldn’t even read in my native tongue of French-Canadian, let alone decipher any of the English words that filled those dialogue bubbles. So my wonderment came solely from the magnificent drawings of the late comic book legend, Gene Colan.

Rocket_Raccoon_001Gargoyle_001On a subsequent trip to the very same corner store a couple of years later, the comic book rack once again beckoned for my brother and I to beg our mother to spare a couple of bucks and expand our literary experience with the purchase of  The Gargoyle #1 and Rocket Raccoon #1. Both were the latest in a line of Four-Issue Limited Series offered by Marvel Comics. This was the day that started cementing what would be a long lasting relationship with the comic book medium. Pretty soon I was getting an allowance that I would usually spend on candy and comic books.

About 4 years later, at the ripe age of 11. I waltzed into the local drugstore (I discovered that they had a better stocked Magazine Rack than that corner store did) and laid eyes upon this magnificent beauty:

The Amazing Spider-Man #312 - Feb 1988

The Amazing Spider-Man #312 – Feb 1988

This single comic book absolutely blew my mind. By this point, I had learned to read English, albeit poorly. Still, I was able to ingest the full experience that artist Todd McFarlane and writer David Michelinie collaborated to bring to the world. That was the day that I decided I HAD to be sure I would catch the next issue (I didn’t, but I eventually got my hands on issue #313 many, many years later… thanks to the advent of the Internet). That was the day that I decided I wanted to collect these staple bound marvels called comic books. It was truly a defining moment that would contribute to what makes me the individual that I am today.

There you have it folks. That’s essentially me in a nutshell. Hopefully I’ve given you enough of a peak at the man behind the curtain to help you have a better understanding of the type of content you’ll find elsewhere in this blog.

So make yourself at home and have a look around. I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings as much as I enjoy typing them out.

Dan “SpidermanGeek” Briand

Twitter: @SpidermanGeek
Email: spidermangeek@comicattack.net

Featured image of SpidermanGeek at C2E2 2012 courtesy of Stara Blaze


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