Resident Evil: Deck Building Game

Resident Evil: Deck Building Game has you take on the role of a chosen character sent to investigate reports of people being gruesomely attacked by cannibals. As more evidence of these attacks are discovered, you’re investigation leads you to an isolated mansion just outside of the city limits.

Upon approaching the mansion, however, you come under attack. Your aggressors seem unfazed by your attacks, and you are forced to retreat into the mansion. Unable to go back the way you came, it’s up to you to forge ahead, find a way out and, most of all, escape with your life. Welcome to the Survival Horror….

Let’s preface this post with a little production background about Resident Evil: Deck Building Game. Resident Evil is a popular video game franchise developed and published by Capcom and originally co-created by Shinji Mikami & Tokuro Fujiwara. The first video game was released in 1996 and the franchise continues to thrive to this day.

In 2010, Capcom partnered with Bandai to publish a board game based on the video game franchise. Thus, Resident Evil: Deck Building Game was released. After the release of what is known as the “Premier” set, Bandai/Capcom followed up with four sequels. Two of which were stand-alone sets (“Alliance” and “Mercenaries”) and the other two were expansions (“Outbreak” and “Nightmare”) that required at least one of the three stand-alone sets to play. All five sets hit store shelves within a two year period. Chronologically, they were made available in the following order:

  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Premier (December 2010)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Alliance (April 2011)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Outbreak (September 2011)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Nightmare (December 2011)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Mercenaries (November 2012)

The purpose of this post is to provide you reference to every card found in the aforementioned sets, excluding any promo cards that were produced. I have split the list in four major categories: Character, Resource, Mansion, and Extra Mode Cards. Within each of those categories, the cards are divided in sub-sections and then listed by set.

Before we begin, the following are the card lists as they appeared on the back of each respective Game Manual (click thumbnails for full resolution):

re-dbg-premier-card-list re-dbg-alliance-card-list 3-resident-evil-dbg-outbreak-card-list 4-resident-evil-dbg-nightmare-card-list 5-resident-evil-dbg-mercenaries-card-list

In total, there are 315 unique playing cards that make up a grand total of 1075 playing cards which are divided as follows:

  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Premier (250 Cards)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Alliance (250 Cards)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Outbreak (150 Cards)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Nightmare (150 Cards)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Mercenaries (275 Cards)

Again, this blog post is for reference only. I will not be going into detail about actual gameplay and rules. It is merely a listing of cards with a general overview of their purpose. All thumbnails can be clicked to access the full resolution of each card scan image (490 pixels by 695 pixels).

…and without further ado, I give you Resident Evil: Deck Building Game!

First and foremost, you must begin the game by choosing your character. The following is a list of all the characters available (excluding any and all Promo Character Cards). Each Character has one or two special abilities that are unlocked by accumulating a required amount of “Decorations”. Decorations can be obtained by defeating Infected Enemies found when exploring The Mansion Deck.


Premier Set:
CH-001_Premier_Albert_Wesker CH-002_Premier_Leon_S_Kennedy CH-003_Premier_Claire_Redfield CH-004_Premier_Sheva_Alomar CH-005_Premier_Barry_Burton
CH-006_Premier_Ada_Wong CH-007_Premier_Jack_Krauser CH-008_Premier_Chris_Redfield CH-009_Premier_Jill_Valentine CH-010_Premier_Rebecca_Chambers
Alliance Set:
CH-011_Alliance_Carlos_Oliveira CH-012_Alliance_Josh_Stone_Partner_Mod CH-013_Alliance_Steve_Burnside CH-014_Alliance_Jack_Krauser CH-015_Alliance_Hunk_Partner_Mod
CH-016_Alliance_Jill_Valentine_Partner_Mod CH-017_Alliance_Billy_Coen CH-018_Alliance_Leon_S_Kennedy CH-019_Alliance_Chris_Redfield CH-020_Alliance_Claire_Redfield
Outbreak Expansion:
CH-021_Outbreak_Excella_Gionne_Infection_Mod CH-022_Outbreak_Kevin_Ryman CH-023_Outbreak_David_King CH-024_Outbreak_Mark_Wilkins CH-025_Outbreak_Jill_Valentine_Infection_Mod
CH-026_Outbreak_Leon_S_Kennedy CH-027_Outbreak_Ada_Wong CH-028_Outbreak_Chris_Redfield CH-029_Outbreak_Rebecca_Chambers_Infection_Mod CH-030_Outbreak_Hunk
CH-031_Outbreak_Zombie_A_Infection_Mod CH-032_Outbreak_Zombie_B_Infection_Mod CH-033_Outbreak_Zombie_C_Infection_Mod
Nightmare Expansion:
CH-034_Nightmare_Chris_Redfield CH-035_Nightmare_Sergei_Vladimir CH-036_Nightmare_Luis_Sera CH-037_Nightmare_Josh_Stone CH-038_Nightmare_Mikhail_Victor
CH-039_Nightmare_Carlos_Oliveira CH-040_Nightmare_Mysterious_Mask CH-041_Nightmare_Albert_Wesker CH-042_Nightmare_Leon_S_Kennedy CH-043_Nightmare_Ada_Wong
Mercenaries Set:
CH-044_Mercenaries_Jack_Krauser CH-045_Mercenaries_Hunk CH-046_Mercenaries_Claire_Redfield CH-047_Mercenaries_Chris_Redfield
CH-048_Mercenaries_Jill_Valentine CH-049_Mercenaries_Albert_Wesker CH-050_Mercenaries_Rebecca_Chambers CH-051_Mercenaries_Barry_Burton

Next up, we will list all of the cards that can be found in the Resource Area. This area is the centerpiece of the table layout for this game. Players will have the opportunity to “buy” cards on their turn that will subsequently make their way into the purchaser’s respective Inventory Deck which will give them access to various Actions, Ammunitions, Items and Weapons for the goal of building a powerful arsenal against all threats that they will potential face when exploring The Mansion Deck.

A typical Story Mode scenario will require a Resource Area to be made up of 18 different card piles (also known as “Resource Piles”). They are usually placed face up for every player to see. Within those 18 Resource Piles, there are certain cards that are essential to every scenario. These 6 Resource Piles are commonly referred to as “Basic Resources” and are comprised of the following cards:

  1. Ammo x10
  2. Ammo x20
  3. Ammo x30
  4. Green Herb or First Aid Spray
  5. Standard Sidearm (with accompanying Burst-Fire Handgun) or Custom Standard Sidearm
  6. Combat Knife (with accompanying Survival Knife) or Reliable Blade


Premier Set:
AC-001_Premier_Mansion_Foyer AC-002_Premier_Deadly_Aim AC-003_Premier_Shattered_Memories AC-004_Premier_Escape_from_Dead_City
AC-005_Premier_Reload AC-006_Premier_The_Merchant AC-007_Premier_Umbrella_Corporation AC-008_Premier_Back_to_Back
AC-009_Premier_Item_Management AC-010_Premier_Ominous_Battle AC-011_Premier_Master_of_Unlocking AC-012_Premier_Struggle_for_Survival
Alliance Set:
AC-013_Alliance_Partners_Partner_Mod AC-014_Alliance_Star-Crossed_Duo_Partner_Mod AC-015_Alliance_Great_Ambition_Partner_Mod AC-016_Alliance_Archrival_Partner_Mod AC-017_Alliance_Fierce_Battle
AC-018_Alliance_Uroboros_Injection AC-019_Alliance_Quirk_of_Fate AC-020_Alliance_Cornered_Partner_Mod AC-021_Alliance_Gathering_Forces AC-022_Alliance_Desperate_Escape
Outbreak Expansion:
AC-023_Outbreak_Power_of_the_T-Virus_Infection_Mod AC-024_Outbreak_I_Have_This AC-025_Outbreak_Weskers_Secret_Infection_Mod AC-026_Outbreak_Injection_Infection_Mod AC-027_Outbreak_By_Any_Means_Necessary_Infection_Mod
AC-028_Outbreak_Higher_Priorities AC-029_Outbreak_Parting_Ways AC-030_Outbreak_Returned_Favor AC-031_Outbreak_The_Gathering_Darkness
Nightmare Expansion:
AC-032_Nightmare_Lonewolf AC-033_Nightmare_High_Value_Targets AC-034_Nightmare_Raccoon_City_Police_Department AC-035_Nightmare_PDA AC-036_Nightmare_Toe_to_Toe
AC-037_Nightmare_A_Gift AC-038_Nightmare_Mind_Control AC-039_Nightmare_Long_Awaited_Dawn AC-040_Nightmare_Vengeful_Intention AC-041_Nightmare_Symbol_of_Evil
Mercenaries Set:
AC-042_Mercenaries_Fight_or_Flight AC-043_Mercenaries_The_Mercenaries AC-044_Mercenaries_Boundless_Battlefield AC-045_Mercenaries_Coup_de_Grace_Skill_Mod AC-046_Mercenaries_Melee
AC-047_Mercenaries_Anticipation AC-048_Mercenaries_Backstab_Skill_Mod AC-049_Mercenaries_Battle_Hardened_Skill_Mod AC-050_Mercenaries_Resuscitate AC-051_Mercenaries_Tear_Gas


Premier Set:
am-001_premier_ammo_x10 am-002_premier_ammo_x20 am-003_premier_ammo_x30 it-001_premier_green_herb it-003_premier_first_aid_spray
Alliance Set:
am-001_alliance_ammo_x10 am-002_alliance_ammo_x20 am-003_alliance_ammo_x30 am-004_alliance_treasure
it-001_alliance_green_herb it-004_alliance_red_herb
Mercenaries Set:
am-005_mercenaries_ammo_x10 am-006_mercenaries_ammo_x20 am-007_mercenaries_ammo_x30 it-005_mercenaries_first_aid_spray


Premier Set:
WE-001_Premier_Grenade WE-002_Premier_Longbow WE-003_Premier_Submission WE-004_Premier_Combat_Knife
WE-005_Premier_Survival_Knife WE-006_Premier_Six_Shooter WE-007_Premier_Gatling_Gun WE-008_Premier_Rocket_Launcher
WE-009_Premier_Handgun WE-010_Premier_Burst-Fire_Handgun WE-011_Premier_Assault_Machine_Gun WE-012_Premier_Full-Bore_Machine_Gun
WE-013_Premier_Pump-Action_Shotgun WE-014_Premier_Automatic_Shotgun WE-015_Premier_Bolt-Action_Rifle WE-016_Premier_Semi-Automatic_Rifle
Alliance Set:
WE-004_Alliance_Combat_Knife WE-005_Alliance_Survival_Knife WE-009_Alliance_Handgun WE-010_Alliance_Burst-Fire_Handgun WE-017_Alliance_Flash_Grenade
WE-018_Alliance_Grenade_Launcher WE-019_Alliance_Telescopic_Sight_Rifle WE-020_Alliance_Riot_Shotgun WE-021_Alliance_Triple_Barreled_Shotgun WE-022_Alliance_Russian_Assault_Rifle
WE-023_Alliance_Signature_Special WE-024_Alliance_Flamethrower WE-025_Alliance_Blowback_Pistol
Outbreak Expansion:
WE-026_Outbreak_Standard_Sidearm WE-027_Outbreak_Samurai_Edge WE-028_Outbreak_Stun_Rod
WE-029_Outbreak_Lightning_Hawk WE-030_Outbreak_Hand_Cannon WE-031_Outbreak_Night_Scope_Rocket_Launcher
Nightmare Expansion:
WE-032_Nightmare_Silver_Ghost WE-033_Nightmare_Punisher WE-034_Nightmare_Mine_Thrower WE-035_Nightmare_Broken_Butterfly
WE-036_Nightmare_Single_Shot_Rifle_with_Scope WE-037_Nightmare_Special_Ops_Rifle WE-038_Nightmare_Machine_Pistol_with_Stock WE-039_Nightmare_Gangsters_Machine_Gun
WE-040_Nightmare_Flashbang WE-041_Nightmare_HE_Grenade WE-042_Nightmare_Incendiary_Grenade
Mercenaries Set:
WE-043_Mercenaries_Ibex_Standard WE-044_Mercenaries_Custom_Pump-Action_Shotgun WE-045_Mercenaries_Custom_Full-Bore_Machine_Gun_Skill_Mod WE-046_Mercenaries_Custom_Lightning_Hawk_Skill_Mod
WE-047_Mercenaries_Custom_Bolt-Action_Rifle_Skill_Mod WE-048_Mercenaries_Hunting_Bow WE-049_Mercenaries_Custom_Standard_Sidearm WE-050_Mercenaries_Reliable_Blade

Now that we’ve properly equipped our character(s) with everything they need to survive, let’s take a look at what we will be pitting them up against.

The Mansion Deck is made up of a variety of Infected Enemies. The ultimate goal is to find and defeat a main villain, or a big baddy if you will. The big baddy can lurk behind any mansion door that you decide to open and explore, so you must prepare yourself to face it as early as your first turn. Once the big baddy is found and defeated, you have then successfully survived the mansion and can now make your escape.

Each set offered at least one main villain, which can be determined by the Infected Enemy with the highest HP (Health Points) value.

  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Premier (Uroboros Aheri – 90 HP)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Alliance (Albert Wesker – 90 HP)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Outbreak (Tyrant T-002 – 90HP)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Nightmare (Osmond Saddler – 90 HP)
  • Resident Evil: Deck Building Game – Mercenaries (Red Executioner – 80 HP)


Premier Set:
ma-001_premier_majini ma-002_premier_zombie_male ma-003_premier_zombie_female ma-004_premier_zombie_butcher ma-005_premier_bui_kichwa
ma-006_premier_licker ma-007_premier_nemesis_t-type ma-008_premier_hunter ma-009_premier_mimicry_marcus ma-010_premier_uroboros_aheri
ma-011_premier_dr_salvador ma-014_premier_gatling_gun_majini ma-015_premier_cerberus ma-016_premier_el_gigante ma-017_premier_executioner
Alliance Set:
ma-022_alliance_lurker ma-023_alliance_infected_bat ma-024_alliance_licker_beta ma-025_alliance_duvalia_las_plagas
ma-026_alliance_garrador ma-027_alliance_zombie_male ma-028_alliance_kipepeo_las_plagas ma-029_alliance_albert_wesker
ma-030_alliance_cephalo_las_plagas ma-031_alliance_proto_tyrant ma-032_alliance_iron_maiden ma-033_alliance_zombie_horde
ma-034_alliance_nosferatu ma-035_alliance_los_illuminados_monk ma-036_alliance_reaper_partner_mod ma-037_alliance_guardian_of_insanity
Outbreak Expansion:
ma-041_outbreak_tyrant_t-002_infection_mod ma-042_outbreak_yawn_infection_mod ma-043_outbreak_nemesis_2nd_from_infection_mod ma-044_outbreak_grave_zombie ma-045_outbreak_wasp
ma-046_outbreak_web_spinner_infection_mod ma-047_outbreak_reinforced_zombie ma-048_outbreak_crimson_head ma-049_outbreak_reinforced_licker ma-050_outbreak_grave_digger
ma-051_outbreak_zombie_cop ma-052_outbreak_eliminator ma-053_outbreak_lisa_trevor_infection_mod
Nightmare Expansion:
ma-054_nightmare_osmund_saddler ma-055_nightmare_bitores_mendez ma-056_nightmare_regenerator ma-057_nightmare_jack_krauser
ma-058_nightmare_colmillos ma-059_nightmare_militia_flail ma-060_nightmare_militia_stun_rod ma-061_nightmare_militia_rocket_launcher
ma-062_nightmare_novistador ma-063_nightmare_zombie_security_guard ma-064_nightmare_zombie_technician ma-065_nightmare_verdugo
ma-066_nightmare_ivy ma-067_nightmare_neptune ma-068_nightmare_hunter ma-069_nightmare_cerberus
Mercenaries Set:
ma-073_mercenaries_town_majini ma-074_mercenaries_town_majini_shovel ma-075_mercenaries_giant_majini ma-076_mercenaries_base_majini_gun_skill_mod ma-077_mercenaries_chicken
ma-078_mercenaries_red_executioner ma-079_mercenaries_big_man_majini ma-080_mercenaries_chainsaw_majini ma-081_mercenaries_los_illuminados_shield ma-082_mercenaries_jj
ma-083_mercenaries_los_ganados_male ma-084_mercenaries_los_ganados_female ma-085_mercenaries_adjule_skill_mod ma-086_mercenaries_los_illuminados_scythe ma-087_mercenaries_venomous_snake
ma-088_mercenaries_tribal_majini_bow ma-089_mercenaries_tribal_majini_oil_pot ma-090_mercenaries_tribal_majini_shield ma-091_mercenaries_crocodile ma-092_mercenaries_town_majini_motorcycle
ma-093_mercenaries_los_ganados_handscythe ma-094_mercenaries_los_ganados_pitchfork ma-095_mercenaries_los_ganados ma-096_mercenaries_los_illuminados_bow ma-097_mercenaries_militia_bow

Your character can also sometimes come across things that aren’t Infected Enemies, like Bonus (these cards are used only in the variant “Mercenary” game mode), Event, Item and Token Cards. In most cases, when these get drawn, the player will breathe a sigh of relief. Although that is not always the case.


Premier Set:
ma-018_premier_time_bonus_01 ma-019_premier_time_bonus_02 ma-020_premier_time_bonus_03 ma-021_premier_combo_bonus
it-002_premier_yellow_herb ma-012_premier_rocket_launcher_case ma-013_premier_gatling_gun_case
Alliance Set:
ma-018_alliance_time_bonus_01 ma-019_alliance_time_bonus_02 ma-020_alliance_time_bonus_03 ma-021_alliance_combo_bonus
ma-038_alliance_explosive_barrel ma-039_alliance_collapsing_floor_traps ma-040_alliance_laser_targeting_device
Outbreak Expansion:
ma-056_outbreak_laser_trap ma-057_outbreak_rock_trap ma-054_outbreak_kevlar_jacket ma-055_outbreak_antivirus_infection_mod
Nightmare Expansion:
ma-072_nightmare_prl_412 ma-070_nightmare_treasure_map ma-071_nightmare_hidden_treasure

Aside from the three main game modes that can be found in all game manuals (Story Mode, Mercenary Mode, and Versus Mode), two of the available Resident Evil: Deck Building Game sets came with “Add-On” modes that you could chose to integrate into almost any Story Mode play session.


The first one was found in the Outbreak Expansion and is appropriately called “Outbreak Mode”. In Outbreak Mode, players can gain “Infection Levels” through various means, but mainly by choosing to not explore the mansion on their turn. The purpose is to force the more cautious players to take bigger risks if they want to avoid being turned into an infected character themselves. Once the Infection Level reaches 10, the player’s character dies and becomes a Zombie that must now attack the other player characters. The following Infection Cards become the Infected Character’s inventory to be used against the other player characters that are still in the game.

Outbreak Expansion – Outbreak Mode:
in-001_outbreak_claw_infection_mod in-002_outbreak_virulent_frenzy_infection_mod in-003_outbreak_bile_vomit_infection_mod in-004_outbreak_slough_armor_infection_mod
in-005_outbreak_drag_infection_mod in-006_outbreak_devour_infection_mod in-007_outbreak_infection_infection_mod

The second Add-On mode introduces a Skill System for the characters. This allowed greater customization of the available characters and also helped prevent certain players from sticking to a specific character choice play after play. The Skills are drafted after players have chosen their respective character. Each player drafts three character skills that they can subsequently unlock after gaining the required amounts of XP (Experience Points). XP is obtained by exploring The Mansion Deck.

Mercenaries Set – Skill System Mode:
sk-001_mercenaries_extension_01_skill_mod sk-002_mercenaries_extension_02_skill_mod sk-003_mercenaries_extension_03_skill_mod
sk-004_mercenaries_medic_01_skill_mod sk-005_mercenaries_medic_02_skill_mod sk-006_mercenaries_medic_03_skill_mod
sk-007_mercenaries_luck_01_skill_mod sk-008_mercenaries_luck_02_skill_mod sk-009_mercenaries_luck_03_skill_mod
sk-010_mercenaries_toughness_01_skill_mod sk-011_mercenaries_toughness_02_skill_mod sk-012_mercenaries_toughness_03_skill_mod
sk-013_mercenaries_reversal_01_skill_mod sk-014_mercenaries_reversal_02_skill_mod sk-015_mercenaries_reversal_03_skill_mod
sk-016_mercenaries_smart_reload_01_skill_mod sk-017_mercenaries_smart_reload_02_skill_mod sk-018_mercenaries_smart_reload_03_skill_mod
sk-019_mercenaries_weapon_master_01_skill_mod sk-020_mercenaries_weapon_master_02_skill_mod sk-021_mercenaries_weapon_master_03_skill_mod
sk-022_mercenaries_giant_killing_01_skill_mod sk-023_mercenaries_giant_killing_02_skill_mod sk-024_mercenaries_giant_killing_03_skill_mod
sk-025_mercenaries_maximizer_01_skill_mod sk-026_mercenaries_maximizer_02_skill_mod sk-027_mercenaries_maximizer_03_skill_mod
sk-028_mercenaries_handgun_technique_01_skill_mod sk-029_mercenaries_handgun_technique_02_skill_mod sk-030_mercenaries_handgun_technique_03_skill_mod

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this little blog post I put together. All of the images used above were scanned, cropped and uploaded by me.

If you have any questions about Resident Evil: Deck Building Game, please use the comment section and I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge and ability.


Dan “SpidermanGeek” Briand.


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  1. Muchas gracias, tu tienes 1075 cartas, tecnicamente el 99% del juego, solo te faltaron las 10 cartas promos de character para tener el 100%


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