Welcome Geeks!

Hello and thanks for dropping by.

Unfortunately, I am still in the process of putting this page together, so you will not find much content here at the moment.

Please bare with me as I figure things out and get this place up and running and be sure to come back and visit again in a little while.

In the meantime, I’ve started blogging about individual issues of the Amazing Spider-Man comic books from my personal collection. So head on over there and check it out by navigating the menu found on this page. Enjoy, and remember to comment and share.

Dan “SpidermanGeek” Briand

Twitter: @SpidermanGeek
Email: spidermangeek@comicattack.net

3 thoughts on “Welcome Geeks!

    • Thank you. I most recently completed and posted the entire Resident Evil: Deck Building Game set. I still plan on completing what I can of Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building game, but the last set/expansion I purchased for that was Secret Wars Vol.2. I have decided to not purchase further sets as I feel I have enough with all of the expansions that I did buy (in total, these add up to about 1,500 cards). I just need to make some time to sit down and scan all of the unique cards. Cheers.


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